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Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. Because Libras are so good at seeing and appreciating multiple perspectives and viewpoints, they realize that their child is a unique personality who may be very different than them. They try to be as careful as possible with their children's feelings, giving them space to grow and providing loose some might say "free range" guardrails.

A Libra parent wants parenting to be fun, and will frequently try to make it as pleasant as possible. This could look like not sticking to a strict schedule, eating ice cream for dinner, or taking their child out of school for a week for a vacation.

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While intelligent Libra believes that school is important, he or she also believes that children can learn just as well from the world around them as they can from a book. Libra parents trust their instincts and intuition, and even though they love backing up their opinion by reading a million parenting books, blogs, and Facebook groups, they won't second-guess the decisions they make about raising their kids. A Libra parent does sometimes have to face the fact that parenting isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and part of the job is modeling constructive engagement and conflict resolution.

Helping their children understand their negative emotions and talk through bad feelings is a lifelong lesson for Libra parents. Energetic and up for anything, Libra is in awe of Aries' fire-sign surety, while Aries can learn from their Libra parent how to temper themselves, hold back, and entertain multiple opinions.

Libra parents love to cuddle their baby Bull, who loves the pampering. Libras can feel frustrated when their Taurus child is blunt with his or her feelings, but they can also learn from little Taureans about how to say and get what they want. Playful, charming, and social, these two air signs bond over socializing and "get" each other in a way few sign pairs do.

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Gemini kids tend to swing wildly in one direction or another, and Libra parents can teach them about balance. A Libra parent can tune into Cancer's sensitivity without getting caught up in it, and can help little Cancers learn how to navigate and give voice to their conflicting emotions. Meanwhile, Cancer finds strength, stability, and an always-warm hug from his or her Libra parent. Libra parents love their Leo's outspoken energy, and understand their innate desire for the spotlight. This duo bonds over the arts, and may clash when they both want attention from the rest of the family.

Libra parents see their Virgo children as wise beyond their years, and a large job of Libra parents is to help Virgo speak up and stand out from the crowd.

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Virgos can be shy as children, and Libra can understand that while also helping young Virgos to come out of their shell. This sign pairing understands each other—and also drive each other crazy with their indecisiveness.

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Both parent and child want to make the other happy, which can result in no one being happy. However, they can also work together toward learning to speak up for what they want. Libra parents just want everyone to get along, and a loud, passionate, opinionated Scorpio child can frustrate Libra.

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Scorpio can become more grounded by a Libra parent, but these two signs have epic clashes—that only make each other grow. These adventurous, world-exploring signs are perfect matches. Librans tend to be more emotionally in tune with themselves, so modeling that for Sagittarius, along with an open invitation to discuss it, will keep this parent-child bond strong.

Libra parents often scratch their heads watching their detail-oriented Capricorn carefully playing with blocks, and they may try too hard to mold their little Goat into what they want him or her to be. That's why it's key for Libra to learn how to step back and realize that Cap is content playing on the sidelines. Once they accept their Capricorn child's cautious nature, the bond is strong. Intense and imaginative, Libra parents and Aquarius kids love playing make-believe and setting up play dates.

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Libra can help Aquarians tune into and discuss their emotions, which is key for maintaining a close bond as independent Aquarius grows older. Sometimes our signs and our taste in music may go hand in hand. We all prefer listening to songs that we connect with. Our taste in music depends on our thinking and personality traits and when we put the zodiac signs and their music preference together, we find what is best for you as per your sign.

Here is a list of songs that you should listen to as per your zodiac sign.

Aries: Haanji — The Marriage Mantra. You stand out in the crowd and you hate social norms. Taurus: Soniyo - Raaz. Gemini: Mungda — Total Dhamaal. You just love yourself. You do a fine job at loving yourself. Cancer: Chand Sifarish — Fanaa. You are an extremely emotional and loving person.

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